Documenting insights regarding my YCG practice....

The last few days I'm noticeably opening up/clearing blockages in my liver meridian. This is felt as a surge of energy through the meridian, a sensitivity where before there was numbness. The last few nights and days I have been flooded with insights into very old emotional issues I have with some members of my family. These insights are in dreams and also flashes of understanding during day to day activities. These flashes aren't accompanied by anger or judgement I'm just noting aspects of my behaviour, I'm seeing clearly. They're situations where once upon a time I would've been angry. I realised last night that it was all connected.

*EDIT:- In TCM the liver meridian is associated with the emotion of Anger*

I found out while teaching last night that I prefer practising with group energy. I just don't get the same benefits in my daily practice at the moment. I know partially why this is but I will ponder more and see what I get. I WANT my daily practice to be as wonderful.


Have bought a Macbook and am writing my first post on it! From the front room in my house that gets access to the free wireless network at Palace Cinema! :-) :-)

*sighs with happiness*

life is good.

I am having trouble finding a name for her though... hmmmm..,,,


I am going to the Ballet this evening!

*does a pirouette*

I'm very excited, I haven't been to see any live Ballet for a long time.

*does another pirouette*

We (Anna and Alicia and I) are going to see Firebird.

I have also been watching lot's of dvd's with dance in them. A friend from work put me on to the original "Shall we dance" which is japanese. That's at home waiting for me to watch it too.

I have also been getting into the tv show "so you think you can dance". I can't get enough.

Hmmm. Should really go to 5 Rhythms again soon too.

*attempts to do an arabesque and falls over*

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The alert for the Yack/Beechworth/Dederang area has been downgraded. The fire has moved East.

I just spoke to my Mum and Dad and they're relieved and happy, Mum's got a sore throat from all the smoke but that's it.

Yack Fire Update

Looks like they're back on medium alert again. Although the fires are still threatening surrounding areas such as Bruarong and Stanley and Ben Valley, the wind has died down and Yack is not in immediate danger.

In other news my parents think I'm bonkers for ringing them every few hours but I need to know that they're listening to the radio and not being oblivious to what's going on outside their house like they normally are.

Latest News

Fires are heading back towards Yackandandah again. The wind is pushing them there. The alert hasn't been put out yet but Mum and Dad will know because they're at the Town Hall at a community meeting.

I hope they go this time. :-(

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Despite this:-

My Mum and Dad are okay. I'm full of despair and grief and disbelief and sadness at what has happened in other parts of the state. I'm full of relief and gratefulness that my Mum and Dad are still okay.

The fires are still burning though. They're on alert.

This is my childhood nightmare. At the age of five I was made to watch films about bushfires as an educational experience. I have had nightmares about fires ever since.

Here's a map...

I grew up in Bruarong, I still have friends there. I have friends who live in the shadow of Big Ben. That's where the fires are now.