Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

LJ Interests MEME!

  1. cartoons:
    errr. i dunno. i just like them, any form of animation really. The earliest tv show i remember is Kimba the White lion. and that had to be before i was five cause we didn't get that in Yackandandah.
  2. dancing:
    who doesn't like dancing!?! What i'm talking about is drunken dancing at the pub to bad music, or flinging oneself wildly around at a club under the influence. Not anything elegant or graceful that requires dedication and years of training. (not that i wouldn't want to do that kind of dancing, i just don't)
  3. embroidery:
    yeah, embroidery, it's not as bad as it sounds. My creations are very free form and expressive and do not involve teddy bears or bunny rabbits. Next one i finish i'll post on LJ.
  4. iain banks:
    One of my all time favourite authors. If you haven't read him, do so. if you don't read normal fiction he does sci-fi too, under the name Iain M Banks. my favourite of his normal fiction is 'The Crow Road'. (normal is not the right word here as anybody who has read 'The Wasp Factory' would know, i'm using it here to distinguish between his non scicience fiction and his science fiction novels) He's Scottish!
  5. lucid dreaming:
    I keep a dream journal and occasionally I'm lucky enough to lucid dream. Here's a link to a pretty good FAQ on lucid dreaming if you don't know what it is:-

    i haven't done anything really out of the ordinary, some people get allsorts of super powers when they lucid dream. I've almost flown in lucid dreams before. The last one i had i could stand on my head which helped me solve problems. weird.
  6. northcote:
    Northern suburbs rock. Nuff said.
  7. pretty things:
    i get distracted easily. Beaded jewellery, the first flower of spring on my rose bush, the late afternoon sun hitting the tops of rain soaked trees. Kittens... err.. i'll stop now.
  8. sleeping in:
    I don't have to explain this one do I?
  9. teenage fan club:
    One of my all time favourite bands. I saw them live last month. yay! They're scottish!
  10. writing:
    i haven't done any for a while. i haven't had much time lately or the head space. Hopefully i'll get around to more of it sooner or later.. :-)

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