Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

Going to Temple

The temple I go to a lunchtime is beautiful. The entrance is high and grand. You enter off a small foyer into a very large space. There is a gallery of very beautiful Buddhist art to the left and then a café or tea room in the centre with the temple up some stairs and along to the right. The tables and the kitchen counter are dwarfed by the size of the space. The gallery is slightly more enclosed. There are flowers and gold chinese writing everywhere with the smell of incense and soft chinese music adding to the atmosphere. There are also displays of jewellery and other works around the edge of the space. Maybe there are books too? I will look more closely next time.

I haven’t had a good look at the gallery yet. There is so much to look at and I am usually a little distracted after meditating. I think the current display is called “happy art”. I will go and look next time I am there.

The tea room is very peaceful, the menu is interesting enough. I have eaten vegetable dumplings there which were good. There a very nice looking noodles there too that I have seen being devoured by other people. They also have delicious macaroons that are made in house and at least 8 pages of desserts and cakes. I know the macaroons are delicious because they had some samples that I was urged to try. There is a whole page of different types of tea. They are $3.50 per cup or $7 for a pot. When I have more time I will sit and have a pot of tea. I will choose a tea that promotes tranquillity.

The temple is plainer then the rest of the space. It almost has a feel of an old school gym with the wooden floor and the mats on the benches along the walls. The actual wall with the buddha is quite grand though. Near the entrance, just where you take your shoes off there is a whole wall of hand written signs on card board with chinese names and a grid with stickers marking each square. I think it has to do with a serving roster but I am only guessing.

This is my first week visiting the temple. A friend has started going recently and invited me to go too. I have been everyday this week. Work has been bad, nothing in my control, there are major shake-ups and resulting fallouts, there are lies being told and people being used as pawns for hidden agendas of high up executives. I am sure that meditating at lunchtime has helped me cope with the toxic environment at work. I almost cried when I walked up the stairs today, my whole heart lifted again, knowing I was entering a space of beauty and tranquillity.

It is a good place to meditate in. I find it easier meditating with a group of people and being in a sacred space is also very conducive to finding inner peace. There are never many people – some are chinese. some aren’t. Some people just enter and bow to the buddha and give an offering and they leave again. I think they are only offering incense but once again I’m only guessing.

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