Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

welcome to my dark side

This is a dream I had back at the beginning of January, thought I’d share it with you. I'm getting quite good a dream recall, but this is definitely one of the longest ones I've been able to write down.

And just for the record I haven't watched or read any science fiction for ages, I don't have that many dreams relating to sci fi either. Was stuffed to the eyeballs with cold and flu tablets though.

It's definitely in the future.

I was walking home to my apartment, there's been a big war off planet and all the soldiers and ships and machines and robots etc. are returning. Seems like there's a problem with some of them though, 'cause I get followed by this small machine that's purpose is to immobilise and then shoot the enemy.

I manage to enter the foyer of my apartment safely, it's a bit like the private quarters on the enterprise in star trek, next generation, fairly sparse and minimal with the odd pot plant here and there, and sliding doors. Unlike the Enterprise it's done up in shades of burnt orange and mission brown.

I think I'm safe but the machine has managed to get through the doors. It looks like a cross between and Atari and a vacuum cleaner. There's some sort of immobilising rays that shoot out of the vacuum cleaner end. They're pinning me down and it's getting harder and harder to move, I start to panic but I keep struggling and through a momentous effort on my part I manage to crawl to my apartment and get in.

Strangely enough my apartment doesn't look like the Enterprise it looks more like a modern day yuppie apartment, quite big. My housemate is home and points out a package that's arrived for me. I'm in a bit of a panic, I'm feeling safer now I'm in my apartment but start thinking about what happened with the machine and thinking what else could go wrong, for some reason I'm convinced that if I leave the apartment again, everything will be destroyed. So I have to take a survival kit with me, and anything that I couldn't possibly live without. Doesn't make much sense, but, hey, this is a dream.
While I'm working out what to take with me and what to throw away, I get distracted by the package and open it. It's from P (a close friend) and contains 6 antique glasses, all different, some are clear others are blue and some have writing on them, quite a long poem or something, I don't remember exactly what now.

At this point my sister calls and I tell her about the present, I’m supposed to go and visit her and she wants me to take the glasses with me so she can see them. I'm not sure I’ll have room for them, because there may be other things that are more important for me to take with me. (remember, everything I leave behind may be destroyed.) I decide I’ll take one with me. A small blue one.

Before I manage to pack my essentials and survival kit, a client of mine turns up at the apartment. I'm a photographer. I have a photo of someone who is now dead that this guy wants. My photography is kind of gruesome, I have several huge photos, poster size laid out on my dining room table along with the photo that this man wants to buy. I get the feeling my customer is a gangster, mafia type person and that maybe he killed the subject of the photo, but I’m not dumb enough to ask him. I think the guy is already dead in the photo. not sure. He's missing one eye. It’s not a recent injury there's lot's of scar tissue and it's pretty ugly.

While I’m chatting to my customer, I notice that the machine has made it into the apartment, must have snuck in when I let my customer in. I go into panic mode again, I try to stop it from focussing on me I through things at it, anything, I’m very scared and a bit out of control, I’m trying my hardest to remain cool in front of Mr Gangster man, but I fail miserably. He laughs at me, and explains that although the immobiliser will work the actual destroy function won't, they're not designed for earth's atmosphere.

I attack it with a spanner and beat it until it's broken into little pieces. The man picks up a piece and shows me where the weapons are, I rip them out just to be on the safe side but the machine still spooks me.

After I'd calmed down a bit, my customer, Mr Gangster, turns back to my other work on the table.
"You take a good photo, tell me about this one"
"Ah, yes, interesting shot; this was taken before his arm was ripped off" The photo that he's pointing to shows a man missing his left arm. His face his contorted and grimacing as if he's in a lot of pain, there's exaggerated beads of sweat on his face and neck. There's no blood and it's not realistic, the skin has been torn and is shown hanging along the edge like a ragged sleave, where there should be bone and tissue there's colourful springs and kid’s construction set pieces hanging out. Lego pieces and toys like that.
"So how did you do it? digital manipulation?"
"so how then?" I lean closer and whisper
"This was taken before his arm was ripped off, it's what his imagination perceives is going to happen to him. I'm able to "log in" to this part of the brain ' points to spot on forehead 'and take photos of what the subject is imagining.' (I think in the dream I use a more technical way of describing it but I don't remember what)

And that's where the dream ends.

Got to love that pseudoephedrine

Freaky thing is exactly a month before this (another full moon), I had another dream with the same photo of the guy with the missing eye. Exactly same photo but normal photo size, not blown up so big. To quote my dream journal from that date:-
"Was at this party, really drunken party.....(There was) this guy with photos, I knew I'd seen the photos before, a bit gruesome, someone with a left eye missing"

So what do you think it all means???

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