Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

random clothes swap weirdness.

Well i'm sitting here at my desk wearing runners. white, normal looking runners. I NEVER do that. I don't OWN a pair. Even walking to work I have never worn white runners.... There is reason for me wearing runners though. One of my staff who works in my team here is leaving to go to another job, she found out she has an interview this afternoon and she wore runners in today. So we swapped shoes as we have the same size feet. It's a bit odd for me and I hope she is coping with my black boots with the wedge heels. They're old but I polished them last night and they looked okay under her suit pants. Lucky I polished them hey?

Then the office manager/administrator has borrowed my grey wool coat with the hood which is lined with stars..... She's cold today. Her yoghurt and fruit is making her cold.

I'm wondering what's next? I am wearing a very nice navy and green striped wool top and a wool, size 12 country road pencil skirt if anybody else has a clothing need.

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