Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

Dreams about writing, writing about dreams......

I had a dream about a week ago, actually exactly a week ago cause i
was all excited in chi gung last week about writing and was all over
the shop. I was watching all these school girls jump down into this
underground subway type walkway. They were all merrily jumping down
and running along with no fear at all. But i couldn't jump, I was
paralysed with fear. There was also an elevator type thing to get down
on to this underground concourse but i'd stay there for ages and it
wouldn't move, and as soon as i walked away it would go down. Doh!

Last night I dreamt I was down in an underground tunnel. We (i think i was
younger, a teenager and I was with other teenagers) were following a
train line. The train line was actually above ground but this tunnel
followed it underground. It wasn't that spooky, it was quite dry inside
and big and roomy, with lot's of leaves everywhere. I remember
looking up and seeing that the roof was very worn in some places.
There was wire covering it and i could see that following the train
line on top of the ground would have been far more dangerous. We
probably would have fallen through.

We got to the end of the tunnel and there was a stairway leading back
up to ground level.

Then we went to school and there were writing assignments that were
being shown around the class. The teacher kept on saying. "Someone's
read yours! Someone's read yours!" which i thought was a bit bizarre
as that was the purpose of the exercise, surely?

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