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Gig of the century...

Dinosaur Jr were awesome. So heavy, so big, so full on. Giant wall-of-sound thing happening, but yet melodic and poppy all at once. J Mascis is the King of guitar solos. He is also King of the freaks and is getting weirder as he gets older. I was pretty trashed and am suffering for it today, but it was worth it.

I know I've seen Dinosaur Jr before but it was so far back in the mists of time that I can't remember when or where. It would've been after Lou Barlow left the band though, so it was awesome to see Lou play.

My only complaint is that Lou Barlow was support for the Sydney shows but not the Melbourne shows. That would've been sublime.

Oh and I have extra J Mascis goodness as he challenges somebody i've never heard of in a guitar hero challenge.... (It won't actually play for me but i'm sure it's just my work computer and other people will get it to work.)

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