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I had a weird and wonderful dream last night.

It didn't start off that well, i was packing (all my worst nightmares involve packing usually because i have to move) but I was packing because I'd done something wrong and had to flee the country. I had to get to china or japan, either of those was okay. I was stealing stuff to take with me, I had to steal this stuff to survive, but it wasn't money, it was things like envelopes that were specially marked, somehow they would get me money. Oh and files. i was stealing files about me. There was a lot of red in this part of the dream.

The dream got very very intense, i was on the run, and even though i didn't remember killing anybody in the previous parts of the dream, it had now switched to me having to leave because i'd killed someone. 

For some reason i kept on being drawn back home. Home was like a magnet. I realised the urgency of what I'd done once i'd walked through "home" and gotten out the otherside, all my survival instincts kicked in "You HAVE to get out of the country cause you're just going to keep on coming home and you'll be caught if you ever come back here again". Home was in shades of blue. Everything cool, white and blue. 

Once i'd realised the urgency and how stupid i'd been to go back I walked outside and I was in a limbo place. on my way to somewhere else but not in any danger. The colours changed to sunny and golden. I met people i knew, also in this same place. One of the people bought up the subject of two missing people who we used to work with, I think these may be the people i killed so I move on from this group pretty quickly. 

Next I'm in a garden and i've been given these boxes, they're ancestor boxes, mainly all pretty, delicate and flimsy, made from paper. They all have a photo stuck in the bottom, I examine each one and I know as I,m looking at them that they're friends grandmothers. I can't remember them all now, but i know one was Rosa's grandmother and another was Pat's grandmother. I have only known Rosa since Christmas but I have a strong connection with her already. She's very artistic and affectionate. Pat is my oldest melbourne friend, I love her very much and we definitley have a psychic connection. That's been proven time and time again. Some of the ancestor boxes had vials of fluid, clear and viscous. 

I walk over to where Rosa and some of her relatives are sitting. Rosa is Spanish, actually she's Basque, in the dream her and her relatives are all wearing very bright gorgeous almost gypsy type clothing and headdresses. They're all stunning. I show her the box with the photo of her grandmother (the name was written as something rosalita). The vial that it contained was the most elaborate of all, it was crystal with an ornate pattern and a filagree stand. 

I sit down beside Rosa and place my hands on her lower back (kidneys), i am channelling energy into her. The energy travels from her to her family members and they are all laughing softly and enjoying the energy. She has three relatives with her, two younger females ( i know she has two young daughters but i'm not sure if these girls are her daughters and also man in his 20's. The man says, your vision is being clouded by a man, here, i'll fix it and he touches me on the left side of my face, just where my eyebrow meets my nose. He says "imagine a colour that is acid blue" I do, and then when he touches me it's like a dash of oragne melts into the blue.  That's when I wake up.

I'd had some freaky vision type experiences earlier in  the evening when I'd been meditating (laying on my back in bed, not sitting like I normally do). Really vivid stuff. I was being visited by a friend and I had been communing with this friends dead relatives and I kept on getting scared so I kept on asking him to hold on to me, or to keep holding my hand. (The friend was not there in real life) I don't remember much, it was more foggy visual stuff. Maybe a few words? I also had to tie a golden ribbon around the base of a green candle that was lit and this would keep me safe, I visualised this I didn't do it in real life. Towards the end one of the spirits I was with was trying to make me astral project, it's the closest i've ever come, they had hold of my hands and lifted me up out of my body, my top half came away but then I got stuck. Even though I was scared the residual feeling was all good. I don't think I was being threatened in anyway.

I should mention that as of yesterday i was completely drained, i had a few big nights on the weekend, no drugs, but four days of alcohol and I was also very lacking in sleep.


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