Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,


Okay, i'm good at interpreting dreams but this has got me stumped. 

What does it mean if my closest friend at work is having dreams about my secret work crush???? 

My work friend is male, straight, we have a very close but  platonic friendship, crap on a lot about music. (He was at Jesses party on saturday for anybody who was there early)  In the dream he had he was jamming with my secret work crush. they were playing jazz and there was  a *ahem* horn section.

Apart from the fact that i'm as jealous as all hell that he's dreaming about my secret work crush and i'm not,  i'm also very puzzled. :-|

EDIT: I should add that he's only started dreaming about SWC since I've told him about the crush.

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