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Went to Yackandandah on Friday night, was Mum's birthday, it was a lovely weekend.

Yack is stunning in autumn. We had lot's of rain and it the view was red and orange and yellow leaves with distant misty mountains in the background. I went for a walk by myself on Saturday morning and soaked it all up.

The top pub was full on saturday night so we didn't eat there, Mum n Dad never bother to book early, usually the morning is fine but not this weekend, so Conrad drove us to the Stanley pub. I saw an old school mate who is now working behind the bar there. It's been 20 years since I was at school with her cause she left in year 10, she hasn't changed much.

Sunday was granny squares and nana naps and a feast for lunch. Then a long trip back to the City, happy to be home again.

Today I am still carrying the serenity of Yackandandah while grunging out to Nirvana and Sonic Youth, weird combination but it's working for me.

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