Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

quiet bliss

Life is good. Melbourne's weather has been alternating between heavy rain and perfect, still, sunny autumn days, which are both very welcome.

I feel like i'm coming out of a slight depression, which is odd cause I didn't know I was in one. But there is an ease to life at the moment, a quiet joy, a constant yet unobtrusive hum of energy from the tips of my toes to the crown of my head that leaves me very content and satisfied.

Life ebbs and flows around me, I join in effortlessly.

I must be radiating some sort of quiet bliss, I know this, cause kids smile and reach out, puppies come closer to snuggle and cranky bosses grin at me.

The weekend was lovely. On Saturday I went to the Bike Gig at the Brunswick Velodrome, I don't own a bike but I walked from Westgarth all the way up Merri creek, past Ceres, to where the Velodrome is. The music wasn't great but I enjoyed basking in the sun, drinking mountain goat beer and laughing with friends before wandering home along the creek with the clear notes of bell birds resonating, cicadas shrieking.

Sunday I went to see the Australian Impressionist Exhibition at the Ian Potter Gallery. I went in there with an attitude, i've seen all this before, It's boring and old school, I came out in a state of awe with my heart singing. I'm not a huge fan of McCubbin but Streeton and Conder and Roberts are outstanding. I also really enjoyed the work of Jane Sutherland too. I don't remember much about her work from my Art History classes. It was very nice of the elderly couple who gave me their pass outs so that Anna and I got to see it for free. Yay!

I've been splurging on lots of organic vegies and nourishing myself with home cooked meals.

The secret music server is back at work. A vast array of notes, tones, tunes and rythmns to entertain me.

And i have a four day weekend coming up with more friends and muppets :-)

I am happy.
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