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I'm going to an new Osteo and the good news I actually know what's wrong with my hips, the bad news it's not something that can be fixed.

When babies are born their sacrum is in 6 pieces which slowly fuse as the child gets older. Mine fused out of alignment which then causes my hips to be out of alignment. I don't have very much pain but the muscles through the hip and pelvis are very tight and can occasionally be very uncomfortable, especially in the left hip. I've never been able to do lotus and I lack flexibility through the hip joints.

It almost certainly happened because I was a breech birth who came out feet first. One of the legs would've been pulled on more than the other during the delivery.

My YCG teacher is Brisbane is very insistent about getting his students/teachers to work towards a neutral spine, and that will probably not be possible for me. Oh and I think professional ballet dancer maybe be out. :-P

Something that is more of an issue is that because of the way it's fused, my centre line is way out of balance, which is not good. Yoga Chi Gung has helped alot with this but there's an underlying structural problem there.

My new osteo works with CranioSacral therapy and thinks she'll be able to help me get my balance back even though the sacrum can't be put back in it's ideal position. (link to cranial sacral therapy here

I wasn't taking it all in on Saturday and am a bit fuzzy on some of the details but I have a heap of questions to ask her when I see her again, Saturday week.

1. How has my sacrum fused together and how different is it from the norm?
2. How is my movement limited by this and will I be able to improve that in any way?
3. Are there any other treatments that may help? Is surgery an option? (not that this is really an option as it would no doubt be elective and I have no health insurance, but I'd like to know).

EDIT: have fixed spelling, breach changed to breech.

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