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Fire Part 2


I am so sad right now. The building they're calling rainbow crystal in the article was restored by Mum and Dad with a group of people in the 80's. It had been abandoned decades before but was originally the town's general store. Mum and Dad were part of a co-op of local artists who crafts people who ran it as a gallery and gift store from 82 to around 86. I used to help there and I made heaps of stuff and sold it there. Gingerbread and jewellery and cards.

I'd just like to point out it wasn't called rainbow crystal at the time though :-| Recently it's been run by this aging hippy woman with dubious taste.

The museum and the attached cottage have one many awards over the years and I've never seen anything like them anywhere else. The cottage was set up as a complete functioning cottage as it would've been in the gold rush era and you could wander right through it opening all the cupboards and drawers and everything was there. Clothes. Linen. Hairbrushes. Kids toys, Kitchen stuff. Everything was authentic, even the wall paper had been restored.

On top of that my Dad's hurt his leg and they can't come to melbourne today. Hopefully they can still make it down for christmas. :-(

On the plus side that means I can go to cherry tonight. I think i'm going to need some hugs. :-(

EDIT: First read of the article I missed the bit that they saved the cottage attached to the bank. so that's good news.

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