Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,


I'm going to see Grease done in drag next weekend. Can't wait.

I'm going for my Ls this week. Wish me luck

The same day as I go for my Ls I am going to see Japanese dude Cornelius. I'm looking forward to dancing heaps. (and seeing Pete, i miss Pete) Hopefully I will also make it to Cherry.

Saturday week i have my niece's sixth birthday and then I have my work's chrissy party. It's at the museum this year. Which is cool, I can walk home if I have to.

Am making plans to go to Rainbow Serpent. My Very First Bush Doof! woo!

Am looking at tickets for Crosby Stills and Nash at some winery in the Yarra Valley in February. woo!

I also have to make a christmas tree and some gingerbread and do the annual chrissy catch up thing with the girls.

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