Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

Long weekend

Two hours to go and it's the weekend. I have friday and monday off work because I'm going back to Yack with 2 sisters and 1 niece for my Dad's 79th birthday. We're going to the pub, not sure if that's the top pub or the bottom pub yet.

He's a hard man to buy for. I recently found a pile of old art work, surprised me how good it was. It's like that with me though. I hate my work at the time but later on I can see the beauty in it. So, dad's getting a picture. I went and bought a frame from Ikea today.

I'm taking my flute back home and i'll try and harras dad into jamming with me. He has a roland keyboard with a nice piano sound and can do a pretty decent blues thing. He probably won't as he says he's out of practice, but I'll try anyway.

I also said I'd teach him some Yoga Chi Gung. He thinks I'm trying to kill him. :-|

Will be nice to hang out with mum too. I hope she's baked a cake.

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend. See you all on Tuesday!

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