Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,

mmm. Big Weekend.

Friday saw Joan as a Policewoman. Excellent show. Was just Joan with a piano and a guitar. Her songs are powerful and original, her voice is divine - I had shivers up my spine, her in between song banter is charismatic, charming and funny. She is delightful. She's coming back in April with her band. I will definitely try and make it to those shows. I'd like to see her rocking out a bit more.

Saturday i went to the Tote to watch the GF. Was more of a heavy metal crowd than last year, which was fine, just a little surreal. Ritchie put on a great spread again. I had a very comfortable couch. I drank beer for eleven hours. It was good.

I was barracking for the Swans but didn't really have much invested emotionally in the game so wasn't disappointed in them losing. Such a good game! The last 10 minutes were the most intense 10 minutes of footy i have ever seen. As Pete said about 20 times "Footy won".

We ended up getting in to a juke box battle with the heavy metal crew in the front bar afterwards. he he he. Old school rock vs some heavy metal grind shit. Old school rock won.... I think. Or maybe the metal kids ran out of money? Anyhoo they left. Maybe it was hearing Big Star's thirteen twice that did it?

Sunday i went to the Boathouse Cafe in Maryibinong for lunch for Anna's birthday. Y'know I didn't even know there was a river in Essendon? I lived in Essendon for 6 months and no one told me about the river? Was a lovely lunch, we were outside under umbrellas so I didn't get burnt, the service was crap but the food was delicious.

Then i went home and crashed.

I've been in party mode for a few weeks now. I start teaching again this week so have to slip back into Zen mode. (my body is a temple... ommmmmmm)

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