April 23rd, 2009



Documenting insights regarding my YCG practice....

The last few days I'm noticeably opening up/clearing blockages in my liver meridian. This is felt as a surge of energy through the meridian, a sensitivity where before there was numbness. The last few nights and days I have been flooded with insights into very old emotional issues I have with some members of my family. These insights are in dreams and also flashes of understanding during day to day activities. These flashes aren't accompanied by anger or judgement I'm just noting aspects of my behaviour, I'm seeing clearly. They're situations where once upon a time I would've been angry. I realised last night that it was all connected.

*EDIT:- In TCM the liver meridian is associated with the emotion of Anger*

I found out while teaching last night that I prefer practising with group energy. I just don't get the same benefits in my daily practice at the moment. I know partially why this is but I will ponder more and see what I get. I WANT my daily practice to be as wonderful.