February 5th, 2009



I will be relocating sometime around mid year.

I am moving back to a house that I was kicked out of 10 years ago. The landlord is one of my best mates and I rented from him years ago, he decided he liked the place a lot after spending time there hanging out with me and my housemate Joff so he kicked us out so he could move in. :-)

Well, he's now bought a bigger house with his lovely girlfriend so I am moving back to Brunswick!

I have to wait for him to move out and to restump, paint and recarpet.

It's a great house, I loved living there. It's roomy enough for a two bedroom, has gas heating, a front and back garden, a shed, a back porch, a palm tree, a decent bathroom and kitchen, close to a great organic store and lot's of other shops. I can get a pet. And it's only $10 more per week then where I am currently renting.

As much as I love living where I am, I'm totally delighted by this news.