July 9th, 2007


(no subject)

Well, overall I had a good weekend.

Friday night wasn't so great, I ended up getting very upset at a friend who declared I was masculine. I know it's dumb me getting upset, but I did. I never really enjoyed being called a boy when I was in high school and got higher marks than the guys in Maths and Science and I think I may still have issues regarding those times. I think I was also upset becuase it was my friend's point of view that my experiences in male/female frienships and relationships may not be particularly valid because maybe I was masculine. He seems to think it's okay to say this because he said he was feminine. I went home early on Friday so that I could sulk in peace but I just bored myself so I went to bed.

Saturday went to The Patch and spent some time with Mum and Dad. I had a very chilled day hanging out with them. I mastered crocheted Granny Squares and I gave a Yoga Chi Gung class to my parents, which was just as much of a learning experience for me as it was for them, it was rewarding though. It's about five degrees colder up the mountain and was misty and spooky all day Saturday. Sunday we had lunch at Cooks corner, then the train trip back to the city. I love the Dandenongs. Even though it is so cold and wet, I love the greeness, the lushness, the birdlife and the tree ferns. The energy is so different up there.

Sunday I had a lovely meal at Alphabet with my friend Anna, then I watched High Fidelity.