June 25th, 2007


Unfuck the world

My birthday has been well and truly celebrated.

Friday night was so much fun. A few people came back to my place and we partied to the wee hours....

Thanks to anthonybaxter, blithespirit, artbroken, emrhyck, quietdancer, tashland, vaingloriesque, psuedonym777, hegemon, lokicarbis, fizit, and many other non lj-ers for making my birthday so enjoyable.

Thanks tovastneonwolf for a lovely birthday breakfast on Saturday too.

Going up to The Patch and spending my birthday with my family was so nice.
My sister cooked a lovely roast lamb dinner and my mum cooked a yummy birthday cake!

I feel very lucky and loved right now.

Edit! Forgot the lovely fizit, unbelievable i know as she's very unforgettable. I hope I haven't forgotten anybody else.