June 12th, 2007



- My boss was made redundant on friday. Awkward, but a bit of a relief and not that unexpected.
- I saw my Yoga Chi Gung Mentor for dinner on Friday evening, she's addicted to texting and now watches Big Brother :-| I guess moving to FNQ will will do that.
- I went to see the Dalai Lama on Saturday, that was a lovely afternoon.
- Sunday I saw one of my closest friends and her new bub, five week old Max, soooooo cute! Also saw his 10 month old cousin for the first time too, Zac. Also incredibly cute. Kept calling Max, Zac and Zac, Max though, poor kids. I reckon that's going to happen for the rest of their lives. I reckon both of them are going to be incredibly good looking, Max is half Mauritian and Zac is half Chinese.
- I went to the red door burlesque show at the Order of Melbourne on Sunday evening,  it was a fun night. 
- Yesterday I finished a project, an embroidered mandala. I'm very happy with it. Tonight i'll frame it.

There was also assorted dvd's and cleaning and washing. I love long weekends.

More Stuff!

This was the whole point of my posting earlier today but I got sidetracked by the mundane.

How cool is Elvis? And of course I mean THE Elvis, not that other pretender to the title of King.

I've had his album Delivery Man on high repeat today  I'd call it Alt Country. He sings a few songs with Emmy Lou Harris and one with Lucinda Williams. Who would've thunk it? Elvis doing country. And as always, no matter what genre, he nails it.

He's definitely in my all time favourite performers top five, whether he's live or recorded he's got it, brilliant songwriter, outstanding musician and his voice is the voice of an angel.

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