May 29th, 2007



I had a weird and wonderful dream last night.

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I'd had some freaky vision type experiences earlier in  the evening when I'd been meditating (laying on my back in bed, not sitting like I normally do). Really vivid stuff. I was being visited by a friend and I had been communing with this friends dead relatives and I kept on getting scared so I kept on asking him to hold on to me, or to keep holding my hand. (The friend was not there in real life) I don't remember much, it was more foggy visual stuff. Maybe a few words? I also had to tie a golden ribbon around the base of a green candle that was lit and this would keep me safe, I visualised this I didn't do it in real life. Towards the end one of the spirits I was with was trying to make me astral project, it's the closest i've ever come, they had hold of my hands and lifted me up out of my body, my top half came away but then I got stuck. Even though I was scared the residual feeling was all good. I don't think I was being threatened in anyway.

I should mention that as of yesterday i was completely drained, i had a few big nights on the weekend, no drugs, but four days of alcohol and I was also very lacking in sleep.