March 20th, 2007


(no subject)

I am incredibly accident prone today, I would advise not coming near me. Stay at least 3 metres away or wear protective clothing.

I was on the train this morning and I got sidetracked by a text from my sister (it was about a dalmatian puppy, puppies sidetrack me very easily) and almost missed my stop. I managed to wrench the doors open while they were closing but then they closed on me!

Then when I got off the tram I ran across the road cause it was raining and I almost when head over heels. I managed to stop myself from falling over but it was a bit of whoa moment, I slid for about a metre. I don't think my hot pink converse boots have the best grip.

Then when I bought my lunch I almost fell on my arse. The little wooden box seat thing that i chose to sit down had a loose top.

So yeah, just warning you.

I'm planning on moving very slowly and cautiously for the rest of the day.