March 5th, 2007



* Had a lovely dinner at a Korean restaurant on Thursday with various assorted LJers. Fantastic food and company.

* Did my first aid refresher on Friday which I enjoyed. Feel free to have a heart attack around me. They've changed the way you do CPR now. In the scenario that someone's breathing is really shallow, you don't check for pulse, you do two recovery breathes, check breathing again and if it's still dodgy go straight into CPR. That's right, NO EAR and NO CHECKING FOR PULSE. Which i found weird.

* Friday night went to Dance Jam at Play space. The space is amazing but there were only about 10 people. I'll go again but I didn't really get into the dancing as much as I hoped. It lacked the energy thing cause of lack of people. I really hope this gets off the ground because the space is wonderful.

* Saturday I had an awesome breakfast at Denn with ms blithe. They're salmon melt is soooo goood. Saw her again in the takeway shop when i was getting dinner. I'm going to miss living around the corner from her.

* Sunday I...hmmm. must've done something....*thinks* Well I phoned my mum and I read a book or two, and watched "What the bleep" and read some more and had indian for dinner and that's about it. Oh and I had nice practise.

Was a good weekend.