February 14th, 2007



I went to 5 Rythmns last night.

It was SO GOOD!

I woke my inner bear up, who was very cranky, but danced all that out and I was so light and peaceful by the end of the two hours. I floated home.

It was a bit of a rockin set which was surprising. Elvis Costello! I have associations with Elvis Costello and I think that brought up some old stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love Elvis but it took me right back to a certain place and time. Maybe also because I saw the person from this place and time on the weekend? I dunno, but it worked, I feel free of some past shit.

I picked up some flyers for some other dance workshops/places/classes. There's one in Brunswick at a place called the The Play Space on friday evenings. I can't go this week but I'll try and make that one soon. Also one called Shakti Dance in Richmond, again on friday evenings. That one looks good too.

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My big sister has decided I should move up to the Dandenongs and become a professional tarot card reader.

It's an option I suppose. And it's good to have options.

"I meant to tell you that the Shandy's were very impressed with your reading and the three Kings in Andy's business have come true.He was raving on about it last week and saying what a true white witch you must be.....I think you better set up shop in the hills here dear..He has told his extended family about you. You will have some instant customers."

Anybody want a reading?
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