February 8th, 2007


overheard on the train this morning.

Two little boys, probably preps or grade one.

Boy 1. I love WHALES whales are GREAT!
(he gets agressive, puts hand on hip and sticks his face right in the other kid's face)
Boy 1. What kind of animals do you LOVE?!?

Boy 2. I love tractors!

Boy 1. That's NOT AN ANIMAL!!!

Boy 2. oh. I love dinosaurs!

Boy 1. I know about HALF of ALL THE DINAOSAURS!! What kind of dinosaurs DO YOU HAVE?!?

Boy 2. oh only ones from the two dollar shop. not much.
(then his mum prompts him)
Boy 2. oh! and i have two dinosaur skeletons!

Boy 1. Not real ones.

Boy 2. no not real ones


Boy 2. WOW! Really?

Boy 1. well of course I HAVE!!

Boy 2. There's heaps still buried..

Boy 1. NO! there aren't any BURIED!?! that's STUPID!....... There were NO PEOPLE TO BURY THEM!!!!!

This is were I start laughing and Boy 1. looks at me suspiciously so I try and smother the laughs.

They go to have a conversation about volcanoes and meteors which was also highly amusing.

As they're getting off at Collingwood station, Boy 1 turns to me, waves and says "BYE, HA HA!!" and grins.
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