December 11th, 2006



The fires are about 60k away from my parents. When I spoke to Dad late last week he had a bad back and hadn't cleaned the gutters out yet.

I spoke to him this morning and he got around to doing it on the weekend when it was 42 degrees. :-| That sounds like hell but I'm glad he's done it. There's more risk of the house burning down from sky born embers than Yackandandah actually going up in smoke.

I'm a little apprehensive. Mt Beauty is on alert, which means the fires have made it over the mountains and are getting closer to Yack but it's no where near as close as they got at the beginning of 2003. They were less than a kilometer away from my Mum and Dad's place at one point and the intensity was beyond anything that had been seen by white people in that area before. Fingers crossed they won't get that close or that intense ever again.
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