September 26th, 2006


(no subject)

I'm getting christian chain emails from some idiot in the US (I think). Y'know the type "Keep the faith! You are blessed!!! God loves you! Send this on to five people in the next five minutes and you will see five of God's angels!!!222 If you don't you will burn in hell for all enternity!! Love, Peace, God's way tralalalala"

I've emailed Adrian a few times explaining that I don't know him and while I appreciate the thought i'd prefer it if he stopped sending me spam. I haven't had any reply to my emails and he hasn't stopped including me in on the group emails.

Today i sent this to everyone on his group email list :-)

To whom it may concern.
Adrian doesn't apparently speak english. Perhaps there is someone else
on this list of email addresses that does? If so can you please
explain to Adrian in whatever language he speaks that I do not know
him and do not wish to be sent chain emails. He hasn't been able to
stop after several requests on my behalf.

Thanks for you help in this matter. It's obviously just a case of
mistaken identity and i don't wish to offend. But these friggin emails
are getting up my nose.

Thanks again