July 16th, 2006


This weekend I....

  • almost set my house on fire. ( I went out on friday night, leaving a saucepan with water and yogi tea on the stove, yeah, really smart of me)
  • listened to the sound of water dripping from the ceiling into the bucket behind my couch -  I have a leak.
  • had to leave a gig early because of uncontrollable coughing, probably cause i'm getting over a bronchial infection and the Rob Roy was really really smoky.
  • bought a new vacuum cleaner because my old one stopped working.
  • locked myself out of the house when taking something out to the bins. Luckily Stef was visiting and was able to let me back in.
  • Got that orange cleaner stuff in my eye.
  • Felt really dumb cause i had no idea what to do when the interweb broke.
  • Went to Insignia for Ben's birthday. Yes yes, i know, it's next week.