October 12th, 2005


I'm stunned....no i'm not.... yes i am.

The Rolling Stones and Days of our Lives team up for their 40th anniversaries.


This is just odd, i know they sold out years ago, but Days of our Lives?!?:-

Forty years ago, as the Rolling Stones began their tours, "Days of our Lives" began its run on NBC. On October 18, the two worlds will partner as "Days of our Lives" airs the world premiere of the Stones' "Streets of Love" video in its entirety (1 p.m. in most time zones; check local listings for times). For another four weeks after the video premiere, viewers of "Days" and fans of the Rolling Stones will continue to hear the song as it underscores the song's themes of love and loss that will be brought to life by the storylines on "Days of our Lives."

"This unique alliance is one that's both exciting and ground-breaking for all of us. 'Days of Our Lives' instantly came to mind as the only show that could deliver the high impact results they were looking for," added, Gregg Hamerschlag, CEO of ShiftDirection Media, the firm that helped develop and introduce the concept to NBC Universal.