May 4th, 2005



I got hit in the head with a football yesterday. About a centimetre above eyebrow level, right in the middle. :-(

Okay, it wasn't a real football just one of those stress ball thingys, but it was thrown really hard and it HURT! And it gave me enough of a shock to make me cry. Yep, that's what I needed, to be seen crying at work. Not only was i crying but I couldn't leave my desk cause no-one else from my team was around and i had to mind the phones. It also didn't help that the guy who threw it is a real shit stirrer and likes picking on people. (He says he wasn't aiming for me and i do believe him but he's the last person on earth i would want to cry in front of.)

Anyways, i was traumatised for a litte while but believe i am over it. On the bright side, having a cry seems to have done wonders for my attitude and i have been in a very cheerful mood since i left work yesterday. :-)