Samantha (madefromstars) wrote,


....was very relaxing. Just spent time hanging out with the family and eating and drinking and making merry. By midday I'd had three glasses of champagne and was dancing with my mum to the Shrek soundtrack. After that came slot cars, more champagne, chess, turkey, ham AND chicken, more alchohol and a nap.

There were a few moments of tension but not mine. My Brother-in-law's child, Aden, who is six, is suffering from anxiety and depression. He doesn't live with Graham and my sister so they're feeling very powerless about it, hence the tension. Aden's doctor wants to put him on anti-depressants and he's in therapy. I can't get my head around it, he's only just turned six! :-(

On the other hand my niece Jess has gone from being a child with major issues to being incredibly sweet and nice to have around. She's 10 and beautiful and smart and funny and not too grown up yet. I know i'm not supposed to have favourites but i do and she's it.

i weighed myself for the first time ages at my sister's place. I've put on 20 kilos in the last four years. (This is a very good thing.)

Belated christmas wishes to everybody. I hope you all had a good one. If i don't see you in the next few days, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I predict 2006 is going to be a great year for all my friends and family. :-)

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